With the advent of GPT 3 and more complex LLMs that allow each of us to generate seemingly original content with almost no effort, I expect to see an explosion of content on the internet. Just a few months ago, before OpenAI made ChatGPT easily accessible to everyone in the world, creating a new blog post or any kind of other textual content required a significant effort. That’s not the case anymore.

This is both a good and a bad thing. The LLM generated content can be quite insightful even though it is based on existing knowledge, but it does not add to any one individual’s credit anymore. Unless you can prove that you have thought of something and written it unaided, you may as well not even put your name next to the content. Of course plagiarism and unoriginal content has always existed but my point is that it has never been this easy to produce something so good with so little effort.

Back to my main point, I do think that we’re going to see a steep increase in the volume of online content starting with 2023. Unfortunately, much of this increase will have to be credited to one of the popular LLMs.